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Your Team's Personal AI Code Review Assistant

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Our Free-to-Use Desktop Tool to Provide Code Suggestions to Users

By accepting or declining, make r-AI-view better for everyone!

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Working with You on three different platforms

VsCode Extension

Line by line AI powered suggestions catered to your project

Coming in Early 2023

CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Providing code review comments after every pull request

r-AI-view Online

The online tool is made for every programmer to get fast and free code suggestions regardless of language

Personalized AI

r-AI-view is catered to your project needs and will continously learn from your feedback as well as suggest recommended courses to make sure you stay ahead of the curve

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Pat Erley

Senior Software Engineer, Deako Lighting

“I'm super excited at the prospect of a service that lets me focus on functional changes rather than nit picking refactors.  So much time is wasted carefully checking that pointers can't be null or that an index is guaranteed to be in an array that could be better spent looking for business logic bugs"

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